Aug 2022 - Transmutable - An Exploration of Creative Flow - Mixed Media Works by T. Flynn Seybold -  J-Spot Gallery, Toronto, Canada

May 2022 - Figurative Works of T. Flynn Seybold - Gallery Colorida, Lisbon, Portugal

April 2021 - Exhibition PRUNELLE - CinéVert, Montreal, Canada (virtual)

July 2020 - Saving Sea to Sky - Hearth Gallery, Bowen Island, Canada

November 2019 - After the Protests: An Archive of the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement - C.K. Choi Building for the Institute of Asian Research, University of British Columbia, Canada

May 2018 - Time and Tides - West Vancouver Arts Council Exhibition at the Silk Pure Gallery.  28 paintings of the Lunation Series.  West Vancouver, Canada

October 2018 - DeliquesceThe Figurative Works of T. Flynn Seybold Basic Inquiry Gallery. Vancouver Canada

September 2016 - Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series: Regional Finalists Winsor Gallery. Vancouver, Canada

July 2016 - Curated Works of the Harmony Arts Festival, Group Show. Silk Purse Gallery. West Vancouver, Canada

May 2015 - The Figurative Works of T. Flynn Seybold  Kinsale - Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

April 2013 - i.den.ti.ty Leo Lee Arts Center, Hong Kong